Premium Traits

TABZ features over 500 traits, you can see examples of each trait in the Traits Wiki

In this section you will find a brief breakdown of traits which typically see the highest premiums, traits will be listed in approximate descending order of premium for each category.

This list will not provide an indepth breakdown of premium rarity for traits with a large amount of colourways such as Bucket Hatbut typically in TABZ traits, blacks see the highest premium.


  • Skull

  • Alien


  • Gold

  • Black

  • Silver

  • Trippy


  • Black

Background Styles

  • Python (Skull)

  • Rekt


  • DMT (Skull)

  • Shroom

    • Shroomy Love (Skull)

    • Shroom Trip (Shroom, Alien and Cat)

  • LSD Snake (Skull)


  • Headphones (Alien)

  • Bucket Hats (Skull and Alien)

    • GM

    • Smiley

    • Alien

  • Fish Bones (Cat)

  • Shrooms

    • Shroomz (Alien)

    • Shroomy (Cat)

    • Shroom Head (Zombie)

  • Horns (Skull version)


  • Spliff (Skull and Alien)

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