TABZ was launched in December 2022 by AlienQueen and Canary Labs (OSF, Mando & nftgoat) - the creators of NFT project rektguy. Due to it's age, TABZ is often referred to as "the MAYC to rektguys BAYC".


The main artist of TABZ is AlienQueen.

AlienQueen's work is instantly recognisable with it's stunning vibrant colours that pop from the screen and traits inspired by "dreams, sex, death and psychedelics".

AlienQueen is a name known well to any cryptoart collector, you can find her work in the vaults of some of the biggest NFT collectors, with 1/1's owned by (to name a few):

  • Mooncat2878 - rektguy #6113

  • punk6529 - rektguy #2850, TABZ #4735, TABZ #355

  • Anonymoux - Dark Side

  • Kenshiro - Cambodian Sanskrit Mask #2

  • rinko4you - Eternal Sin

AlienQueens work has also been noticed by many premium brands including:

  • SuperRare

  • GucciVault

  • Sothebys

AlienQueen was picked to be one of only 12 artists to be a Special Release Artists for SuperRares RarePass in 2023. With three 1/1s being randomly distributed to holders of the SuperRare pass this January.

Canary Labs (OSF & Mando)

OSF & Mando have become known as a formidable duo in the NFT space since their entry in 2021. From hosting daily Rug Radio shows with Farokh, to weekly Rekt Radio shows with KeyboardMonkey3, to launching hit NFT collections with Degenz, rektguy and TABZ, to highly profitable NFT trades (their most recognised being exiting a 72 Bored Ape Yacht Club position within minutes into Blur bids during the height of Blur Airdrop farming) that have created millions for themselves and their communities.

OSF's Artwork

With an already full schedule, OSF has also managed to find time to become one of the most known glitch artists in the crypto community.

After OSF's membership token, Red Lite District, failed to sellout, he has paved his way with monthly free airdrops to holders as well as several highly priced 1/1 sales to collectors including:

  • MoonCat2878 - Multiple 1/1s

  • Kenshiro

OSF's art has been showcased by premium brands including:

  • SuperRare

  • Sothebys

  • Art Dubai

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