What is TABZ?

TABZ is a 7379 piece NFT art profile picture project with main artwork by AlienQueen (AQ) and 1/1s by OSF on the Ethereum blockchain. You can learn more about the founders in Founders.

Launched in December 2022, TABZ is a Canary Labs project; the creators of the Degenz ecosystem most known for the NFT project rektguy. Following the path paved by CryptoPunks, TABZ, like rektguy, is a community driven project with no roadmap.

TABZ was a free mint with allowlist opportunities given for:

  • Degenz Access Pass holders

  • AlienQueen 1/1 holders

  • OSF 1/1 holders

  • Winning community raffles

Inspirations and Collectability

TABZ was inspired by AlienQueen's adventures collecting POGs in the '90s and brings her unique spin on the ideology to a new medium.

Alike POGs, TABZ is designed to be highly collectible, with different Collections of trait combinations forming the powerhouse of many collectors wallets.

With over 500 Traits, the possibility for collection combinations means many collectors form their own collection ideas.


TABZ is a CC0 collection (no copyrights reserved) meaning holders are allowed to do whatever they want with their collections, from licensing to derivatives and more.


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